Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Facebook fun & wasted time!

Well I have taken the plunge and joined facebook! Not sure of the implications of this for me just yet, but so far I have wasted 30 minutes on a word game trying to beat my best score!

Is this the best use of my time? I'm not sure!

Is this a good place for me to find people I have lost touch with? Maybe, I've looked up a few people and worked out who they are and that I might know them....maybe next time I will get the courage to ask them to be my friend.

On a creative note, it is always good to take on new experiences and see what comes of them, so ultimately this has to be a good thing to do if all I ever get out of it is a new fun experience for a while...

Plus there are some great groups there that might be worth being part of! Stay tuned....


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