Monday, November 10, 2008

Nearly 2 months

Well so much for regular blogging! No I did not get sucked into the Facebook vortex. Call me old (no I'm not revealing any more about that statement!) but I just don't see the point.

Anybody I want to keep in touch with I do via private forum, and I truly don't like the idea of my personal photos there for anybody to see....I am a little nervous about all these young people with their entire lives exposed there. Hmmm future implications?

Who can say just now.

So facebook was fun for a while.

Where have I been? I wish I could say working furiously creatively but the honest truth is working, not particularly creatively and with a dreadful draining cold.

NOT flu - just a miserable cold.

So I've been wallowing in self pitty - but with Christmas on the boil it is fun times ahead, nothing a creative spark needs more than some tinsel and trimmings huh!
Smile, laugh, enjoy, and live for now....


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