Friday, February 20, 2009

Creative Connections

A quote from Charles Handy "The modern economies will not be constrained by lack of resources but only by lack of creativity & ideas.” and as observed by John Kao it is actionable ideas that will be our future.

The greatest contributor to GDP in the US in recent times has been intangibles - brain power, things that cannot be bought or made - ideas!

So how do you find those creative actionable ideas? By making the best use of our truly creative scattered and untidy C21 minds and those wonderful messy brainstorms those thoughts create.

Seth Godin is a master at making connections between bizarre and weird stuff and making it relevant to business problems. Think Purple Cow or Meatball Sundae and he has really got some great talks going on You Tube - just search for him and see how he makes connections. One of my favorites is his talk at the 2008 TED conference on sliced bread.

The ability to 'indulge' in daydreaming is creative thinking and making connections. This is the future for our children's success.

It is businesses that cut brainstorming time from their schedules as a cost cutting measure that do the most damage to their innovation.

Leave time to daydream and make some wonderful connections - see where those storms take you and your C21 mind!


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