Sunday, February 22, 2009

Alan Fletcher makes Design FUN

Whilst in England in Jan 2007 we went to the Design Museum because it seemed one of the coolest places for a creative spark to hang out and just by chance and stumbled upon the most wonderful exhibition with resources that I still hold in my minds eye!

Don't know who Alan Fletcher is? Click here to see what The Times had to say about the exhibition.

Reading the Times article really showed that Mr Fletcher and I were quite similar,

You’d often catch Fletcher wandering round his neighbourhood, Notting Hill, with a knife, to slice off an L that caught his eye on a cardboard box in the street. He’d rarely go out without returning with something in his pockets, a bit of scrap, perhaps, to metamorphose into a toy for his grandson or a kitchen cabinet.

He called himself a “visual jackdaw”, forever on the lookout for something others might overlook, to take back to his studio and transform.
I too am a complete bowerbird and have a MOST massive collection of visually appealing trinkets and paper snippets - never to be used but to be constantly rediscovered periodically in my 'art room' and admired!

What I found most inspiring was his ability to make these seemingly random illustration connections that I seem to be blogging most about lately. He found a sense of fun in mundane and made the mundane fun!

Ohhh I have just discovered a google search in images for Alan Fletcher (ignoring those of actor Alan Fletcher who plays Dr Carl in Neighbours!) shows me samples of that wonderful work i got up close and personal to in England!

Many of his illustrations were sublime in their simplicity, yet there was so much to them! I highly recommend a google images search and you will see what I mean.

I'm almost inspired enough to start doing some of my own art again....


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