Friday, May 30, 2008

Just put one foot in front of the other

So it's actually day one, and it's lunchtime and I am thinking...I can't welch already can I?

So here I am searching for something vitally interesting to say. I seem to have lost the creative spark in recent busy years. I opened a shop a few years ago and one of the freedoms I loved the most was that I could illustrate these little newsletters and signs...I made no money, but loved the freedom to draw these kooky little images - after all I had a kids art shop so I really had to spend all day drawing and being creative didn't I? I might upload some from time to time.

So here is today's challenge. Think back over the past few years, what is something you really really used to enjoy but have not done for a long time? Can you think of just one thing?

Now go do it....go on....right now.....(OK maybe later after you have had your lunch.).


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