Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Feeling overwhelmed, be the fish....

I bought some new fish the other day. I love watching them swim around I find it inspirational, however for some reason when we buy groups of fish, they gradually 'move on' to warmer waters and we end up with one or two lingerers that the rest of the family lose interest in and continually beg me to buy more, newer, brighter fish.

My response is always the same, it wouldn't be fair on 'Gobbo 8' and 'Harry 10' (yes, creative blog aside, my children seem attached to particular names for their fish....good thing really since it makes their fragile little lives more replaceable with Gobbo 9 and Harry 11!).

Anyway, my creative point is that sometimes staring into the watery surface at glistening fish scales, coloured rocks and uneaten goldfish flakes one finds the positivity of life (and the cycle of death).

Those little guys swimming around, and around, and around, is a bit like a positive pick-me-up. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed like you are swimming around and around and around, but take some time to reflect on the ripples of life and the coloured rocks below and let go (a 3 second memory helps!). You could even try breathing with an open mouthed guppy fish face if you wanted a laugh!

Watch, lose yourself for a few moments, come back refreshed and ready to collect your thoughts so you don't have to keep swimming around and around and around.

When you get overwhelmed - pause, change your thoughts, reassess your priorities and move forward again.


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