Thursday, June 5, 2008

Feeling the urge....

I created this blog to inspire me to think about being creative more often, only problem is that I think creative thoughts at odd times, and when I sit down and decide to do the biz I find myself high and dry.....but as with all new things it is also a matter of forming the habit to blog daily.

For now I'm taking the pressure off and writing when I feel the urge, I may even tweet instead but I have to investigate that one!

But one habit that has been brewing in our house is for me to spend 5 minutes with the kids at the end of the day and get them to write 3 things they achieved that they were pleased or proud of over the course of the day, one thing they didn't handle so well and how they could have done it better, and 3 things they plan to achieve the next day.

It's had mixed reactions. Miss 9 3/4 loves it, Mr 12 1/2 is not so keen and was practically in tears the first night (yep it erupted into some kind of power struggle) but after 4 nights of it he knows the routine and that avoidance is not an option....he also seems to be enjoying it just a little.

I am hoping that my little social experiment will prove that reflecting on your achievements will set a nice precedent and that they can look back when they've had a not so good day and see that it's not always doom and gloom. So far so good......


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